We’ve seen it across multiple platforms over the past couple of weeks and we can’t stress it enough to add emphasis on this… now is not the time to be selling on people’s fears.

Consumers are so smart and only getting smarter, they can smell when they’re being sold to and it’s a huge turn off… especially in the times we are currently in. Right now is the time to dive deep into creating intentional community around your brand and how you want people to see it going forward… We are covering a few ways you can use this time as a brand to build equity and trust in your clients through marketing. People are on their phones, tablets, and computers more than ever right now… instead of using this as a way to manipulate, let’s use this as a way to create relationships between your consumers and your brand.

First and foremost it is important to understand who you are connecting with and speaking to, figuring out your audience is crucial on so many different levels, but especially in situations like this. You need to know who you will be targeting and who will be absorbing your message… Think about it, how do you know what you’re going to say without knowing who you’re talking to?

Once you have your audience you can focus on your message, the details and nitty gritty will vary greatly on who you are speaking to. 

One common thing brands should be doing though, across all industries, is being upfront and honest with their consumers. Address things like shipping and production, avoiding the elephant in the room will only make your customers feel like they’re being deceived. You may have setbacks in regards to shipping and production but by being upfront you aren’t setting unrealistic expectations and people will overall be more patient and understanding. Focus on sharing the things that you do have security in as far as production. In the long run this honesty will translate and win your ideal customers over.

Another common approach that can work for all audiences, is focusing on providing information… This will bring your consumers closer to the brand if done right. Instead of trying to approach selling and discounting, provide valuable information and build your brand equity. The brands that are heavily discounting right now will devalue their brand and likely put themselves out of business. 

You can hit on things internally and externally that you and your team are doing in regards to the pandemic. How are you practicing social distancing within your company? How is your team working from home and utilizing its resources? From an external standpoint, how can your products provide value at times like this? One of our clients, Snow Teeth Whitening, does a great job at showing external value in this time… example dropped in from their Instagram! 

Now that you have your message how do you plan on delivering it? Screen time is up significantly since COVID-19 came to light, this means more people on their phones and tablets more than ever. Now is the time to be pushing out content and utilizing all resources, whether that be UGC content from influencers and current customers, or an agency that will push out a high volume of content for you… As long as you’re pushing out genuine content with a genuine message, it will translate well to your audience. 

It’s tempting in times like this to revert to playing it safe and continuing to do what has always worked, but what got you here won’t always get you there. Remember your core values as a company, and set an example for your audience. How will they remember how you handled COVID19? This is such an important time for the world and it won’t be forgotten. Now is the time to elevate.

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