All platforms are flooded right now with the idea of pivoting in regards to COVID-19. 

This is something I have even hit on, but I think we’re all wondering what happens after the pivot? What happens as businesses start to open back up, and we get some sense of normalcy?

Most company’s hands have been forced to make changes internally and externally, most people as of right now are working remote and slowly being integrated back in. If companies neglected to make these changes, it’s likely they didn’t survive this pandemic. There are companies and even people who are being left behind as the dust starts to settle… this is why pivoting during these last 6 weeks was crucial. Now, it’s time to look forward.

What are we taking away from these last couple of weeks, and what does your game plan look like surrounding this?

My fear is that brands will fall back on the strategies that worked before COVID-19. They will try to get back to where they were before this… which is a place of complacency. It’s important to remember though, that what got you here.. won’t be what gets you there.

Here at Welling, everyone on the team is choosing to be a pioneer as we move forward.

develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).

Now is not the time to allow ourselves to get comfortable. It’s the time to see every opportunity and circumstance from now on, as a way to grow… a way to accept the change before our hands are forced.

So what are some ways we can become pioneers coming out of COVID-19?

-Be intentional with everything you do. 

-Advertise with empathy.

-Lead with your core values, people want something to grab on to.

-Create community around your brand

-Be prepared and ready to adapt with every situation

-Accept that there might be some areas in your brand that need attention, and need revamping.

Now is the best time to re-evaluate and switch gears if needed.

No more waiting to pivot… take control and be the pioneer. 

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