Posting a high volume of organic content helps you find your winning ad creatives!
 So many brands lack the volume of content that is needed to scale.It’s our belief that every brand should be posting 2-4 times per day on organic. Then, using the organic content to fuel paid. You can do this by taking your highest engaged content from organic and bringing it over to the paid side. Regardless of your opinion on the content, if it’s performing well on organic, it will perform well on paid.

Engagements = algorithm’s #1 metric for rating the quality of content, for both paid and organic.

A high volume of content also yields a few more benefits…

1. The ability to break into new audiences within your followers

Say you have 10k followers and you’re only posting 2-3 times per week.. only 5-10% of your audience is seeing your content. That means that the other 90% probably forgot they even follow you! Your engagement rate might fall at first when you start posting at a high volume, but eventually it will start to snowball and your engagement rate will grow as you start to reach more of your audience!

2. High frequency posting is a part of facebooks “best practices 

This lets them know you’re a quality brand and care about user experience. After posting a volume of content on the organic side you’ll actually see CPM’s drop on the paid side after a sustained period of time.

3. Data

This is a big one for us, more posts means more data.

You get to see what works as far as copy, content, and more feedback on things like product and your brand. As you learn along the way, you’ll start to have a better feel for what your audience engages with, and what they enjoy seeing. 

4. Customer Engagement 

More posts means more engagement! You’ll want to take the time to respond to every comment, build brand equity, and utilize social media as intended. It sounds like a lot of work… but this can have a huge impact on brands and in our eyes is step 1 to elevating and creating community around your brand.

We are so excited to see the state of digital media moving towards the direction it is. Advertising is getting back to the good stuff.. a deep understanding of psychology is needed to really excel.

More creativity, less direct response.

More brand, more value, less gimmicks.

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