A New Way of Testing Creatives….

I want to share this video format with you guys that is converting super well right now at TOF!

Our team has been dumping three versions of video (as unique as possible) into an open targeted CBO campaigns and finding a profitable winner within a week or two, that we can then use to scale up. 

This is something that the team is producing at scale for a number of our clients, which means we know it works. We’re on average pushing out about 20-30 of these a week due to them crushing across multiple industries! 

Here’s where the magic happens.. ready?

FORMAT: 4:5 (Vertical for news feed)

LENGTH: 30-45 seconds

STYLE: A mix between direct response and lifestyle. Make sure to pay attention to the text, it’s a big part in the video’s success. 

MUSIC: Soundstripe or Epidemic. You’ll need to signup but it’s cheap, it will be licensed property, and both sites have great music to choose from!

Here are some ways you can do this for your brand..

Call up a local videographer, show them this video, and say you’re wanting a version for your product. Find yourself a good looking human, and offer them 100$/hr to be your model. It’s that easy.

Have your videographer edit three versions for you, all with the first three seconds different from each other.

Learn. Optimize. Scale.


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