Picture this… you’re tapping through Instagram stories, and an ad pops up for a brand. The ad catches your eye so you decide to check out their profile to see more of their work and content. Next thing you know you already have a preconceived idea of the quality and type of brand that they are within seconds of opening up their profile.. Without even starting to scroll.

As consumers we can try and act like something as silly as an aesthetically pleasing feed doesn’t matter or conform our views to a brand, but in all reality it does. Your feed should be treated with the same importance as your website. What you post shows buyers what you focus on, so if you’re only posting product content… what does that say? Using different types of content rather than just product photos will help you engage your audience, thus providing them more value and keeping them coming back for more. Posting more diversity also challenges you to think outside the box on what type of content you want to post. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate your company’s core values into your content be it through showing your company culture, workspace, reviews/results from your product, etc…

Here are some examples of our clients Instagram feeds, as you can see they all carry out the same feel and style but with a nice variation of content surrounded by more than just their products.

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Copy of Copy of Untitled (2)
Copy of Copy of Untitled (1)

Now that you have an idea on why it’s important to put time into your feed, we can go into the different types of content and why they are beneficial to you and your audience.







We often see brands only sticking to product shots, or one type of content… but those alone won’t keep your audience following and interacting with your feed. As you can see above, things like UGC and GIFs are playful and bring life behind your brand! You’re not just a computer trying to sell to your consumers, there’s value behind your brand and people are waiting for you to share that. It goes hand in hand with why users love stories so much, they’re more real life and raw than the normal instagram feed… it’s easier for your audience to connect when they admire your content, but can also relate to your content. Remember you’re on the platform to bring your audience value… while showcasing the look and feel of your brand. If you can grasp this concept, creating a feed that draws people to it will be no problem!

As you move forward with your feed I hope you can gather inspiration from the content and feeds listed, feel free to keep this blog bookmarked to come back to and reference anytime.

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