Time to dive into how (and why) our team has sold over $4M of content to 50+ brands, and why you need to be jumping in on selling content too.

This could also be titled “How to Succeed on Facebook in 2020 as an Agency”, because it would be the same write-up. 

Let’s start this off with some basic facts for 2020  in regards to Facebook Ads..

✖️ AI is taking over which means the less control we have
✖️ Everyone is a media buyer these days (commodity)
✖️ Everyone is an “agency” 

We are seeing more of how success on facebook is directly related to the meat and potatoes of business and marketing. The things we LOVE, rather than the hype generated around targeting, bid strategies, and scaling strategies. 

This means less of a demand for media buyers and more demand for things like creative, copy, and better offers. 

Last year we really started honing in on content as we noticed a stream of media buyers flooding the market. 

Whether this is something you know or not, Welling started with our CEO shooting smaller projects on his iPhone.. and as the demand for content grew we slowly started to build a team and obtain better gear. 

Our next step was investing in a warehouse that we essentially converted into a modern studio, geared specifically towards creating content for ecomm products. 

We eventually took off, and now Welling employs over a dozen full time content creators that all specialize in ecomm. 

While everyone was going left, we went right. 

With all that being said, what does this mean for you?

Start now pitching content packages to your current clients, especially if you have leverage with them and assuming that you are already bringing in results.

How do you pitch your clients?

Take initiative and order their products without them knowing. When the products come in, hire a videographer and a model.. do your thing and make a baller TOF video for them! After getting the video together, shoot them an email with your attachment and sell them on a content package. 

It’s honestly that easy.

Figure it out as you go.

You’ll learn, you’re smart!

While this will increase your revenue, you’ll also have a steady stream of fresh content to use in your ads that you’re already killing for them. It’s a win win!

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