Nothing is more frustrating than putting time into your organic socials only to be discouraged by lack of engagement, can anyone relate? 

What most brand’s do with this frustration, is they stop focusing so much on organic and put all their efforts into their paid ads. Only engaging with the comments they see on their ads, and only responding back to things like customer service questions and sales questions. Are you guilty of this?

 If you think about it from your audience’s perspective, it looks like a computer runs your socials. There is no real relationship building on the brands end, this is a sure fire way to discourage engagements. 

If you get anything from this blog, here it is…


Yes, you heard me. This means regardless if it’s on a paid piece of content, or just an organic piece on your feed… respond. It matters. 

Your audience will only engage with your content, if you engage with your audience.

Be sure to also respond and share your customers that are mentioning you in their instagram stories and on their feed, they are advertising your brand for free. Acknowledge that, and show your gratitude. 

People are supporting you by engaging with your content, they’re taking the time to stop their scroll to comment. They want to believe in whatever it is your brand is representing, build off of that!

Unless you’re new to the game, you should have something to work with. I would even argue to say that this is easier first starting out, because you have a real chance to connect with your audience and consumers. From there you can scale and make yourself known as the brand that is constantly keeping relationships with their audience, and being more than just an account trying to sell. 

If you are a bigger brand and have been slacking in this area, you can turn things around too… don’t worry. You may get flooded with lots more comments on every post, but that is no excuse. Not replying to those who are taking the time to engage, only shows them you’re not valuing them enough. If you don’t have time to go through every comment to like and reply back… delegate this to someone who does, whether that be someone on your team or an agency. 

Building these long term relationships will be what scales and shapes your brand. Your brand is defined by your audience, not you. What is your audience saying? If they don’t know who you are, and if you don’t know who they are… it’s time to change that. 

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